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Imagesworkplus began with architectural photography, largely because buildings keep still and don't require directing. I still enjoy photographing architecture but recently and especially since starting 7:28 Studios, I have worked more with portraiture, editorial and documentary, because I like suggesting a story. But I'll photograph anything that piques my imagination.

Favourite photographers: Don McCullin, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lee Miller, Julia Fullerton-Batten and Jan Saudek. So a pretty clear divide between documentary and fine art there, with a bit of strange Czech eroticism at the end! I like Saudek, not so much for the naughtiness but for his amazing backgrounds and hand-tinted images that give them a kind of vaudevillian and theatrical atmosphere. As an ex-Drama teacher, the visuals of theatre interest me so I plan to work more theatrically this year. 

Prior to lockdown, I also began photographing dancers, which resulted in the online multi-arts House of Mercy project with my partner, artist Jeannie Clarke and six dancers from as far away as India. Check it out on the Personal Projects page, where you can also watch a promotional video that explains the idea behind the project. 

To see some of my work, check the drop down menus. 

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