The Studio


We're not a big studio, so don't really handle the whole rock god thing, but we're perfect for soloists, singer-songwriters and smaller acoustic line-ups, where quality sound is the benchmark. We work with Protools and have a modest but excellent selection of mics, guitars and amps. 


When I set up the studio, I was inspired by a studio I once recorded at in Denmark that was like one big living room and was a really relaxing place in which to work. 7:28 tries to evoke a similar low-stress vibe, where books actually form part of the soundproofing, making us arguably the most academic studio in Kent, where you can not only record your solo album but also read for your Phd! 

There's another room too across the corridor that is currently doubling as a live room and rehearsal room. More news on that development later.

Music for film and TV

7:28 can also provide small compositions and vignettes for film and TV and other performing arts.


In addition, I teach guitar and bass,  specialising in folk, blues and rock, both acoustic and electric varieties and from beginner to advanced level.

Here are a couple of examples of what we do: First a version of Stevie Nicks' Landslide sung by Jeannie Clarke. All instruments played by Phil Curry. Second: underlying music for the House of Mercy documentary video composed and played by Phil Curry .

Landslide_Master 1_recovered_1
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House of Mercy incidental_edit
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